The season of snow and rain was finally finished. We began to go out into the city, looking for fabulous parks, temples, exhibition halls and galleries. Wherever there the civilization was. After the long covid weeks, we faced the magnificent days with the green leaves, fresh wind, smell of flowers, blue sky-all this just made you take an easel and go to the open air. We visited many Churches, parks, and several times visited the Neskuchny Garden. I set up an easel with paints, making both small sketches and paintings that recreated my emotional state on the canvas. This was a reflection of the spiritual manifestations, the vision of the world, the feeling of life.  I took my canvas and started painting with light, nearly transparent strokes than added colour and shape with thicker ones. Plein air provided a remarkable ability to merge with nature, observing passers-by, sometimes making them observers, and sometimes complicit in the birth of the picture. I thought that all would help to recreate on the canvas the atmosphere of love , trust and tenderness, as a visible embodiment of the spiritual wealth of both the artist and the person.